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AdunanzA is the oldest italian p2p project currently active.
It was officially born on the 1st of October 2002...

Our projects

Main projects developed by our community and by AduTeam.

eMule AdunanzA

eMule AdunanzA is a software for Windows based on P2P technology, useful for mass distribution of files across the internet. It's based on open-source eMule software and it works mainly on Fastweb networks (Italian ISP).

aMule AdunanzA

aMule AdunanzA is a software for Linux and Mac OsX, based on open-source aMule software. As eMule AdunanzA, it's a particular mod created to meet the Fastweb network structure.

Tsunami AdunanzA

Tsunami is the brand new project currently being developed by AdunanzA. It's a torrent client with innovative features such as streaming and integrated custom DHT search as well as other unique features. Contrary to eMule and aMule AdunanzA, it works with all Internet Service Providers.


Ariete is a program created by our Team, written in C#, which automatically opens up eMule AdunanzA ports on routers and firewalls.
There's also a version for aMule AdunanzA which has never been released to the public and it's still in alpha stage.
Due to lack of developers, the project was stopped and has been put off-line.
If any developer wants to evolve it, and maybe adapt it to be used by Tsunami, just contact one of the forum administrators.

Evolution DHT

The EvolutionDHT project aims to develop a new search engine that allow (distributed) searchs: links (and links to video, streaming, ed2k, magnet) and files on the Internet or on computers can be searched between users themselves (any kind of file, from pdf, to torrents).
At the moment the project was suspended and the source code was released on GitHub under MPL 2.0 licence.

The source code of our work is available on GitHub.

Users who want to support us can vote our projects, clicking the Star button on the top right on GitHub.
If you are a developer and would like to collaborate with us at one of the projects or to propose new ones, just contact one of the administrators.

Tsunami AdunanzA

Tsunami is a p2p client for file downloading, based on bittorrent protocol. To handle this protocol, Tsunami uses LibTorrent.

It's not based on an existing client, instead it's completely written from scratch.


Tsunami will be initially released for Windows and then for Linux, Mac OSX and probably Android.


Integrated search with trackers and search engines.


Integrated search with a distributed serverless network, Kadu style.


Thanks to VLC integration, Tsunami comes with an integrated player to allow streaming while downloading files.


Smart file sharing, eMule AdunanzA style

More features

Automatic .torrent files creation and further more.

Info for developers

[Update 06/2017]
GUI was completely rewritten, it's now based on C++ and QT. First version was based on C#/.NET and MVVM paradigm.
We are looking for C++ developers (possibly experienced with QT) that would like to contribute actively to the project!


[DEBUG] Coming soon
[RELEASE] Coming soon

Support us

AdunanzA and all its projects are completely open-source. We are anyway linked, supported, financied nor sponsored by Fastweb S.P.A.

That's why we decided to move to volunteers funding. Whoever wants, can help us mantain our projects and services..
Even a little $ 1,00 donation can make the difference!
Here you can find all the informations needed for a conscious donation.


$3,00 /month

  • Sympathizer group
  • Promotion to level 2
  • Sympathizer badge
  • Promotion to level 3
  • Access to Tsunami alpha/beta versions
  • Special flair on the avatar
  • Nickname inserted in Tsunami's "About" form


$5,00 /month

  • Supporter group
  • Promotion to level 2
  • Supporter badge
  • Promotion to level 3
  • Access to Tsunami alpha/beta versions
  • Special flair on the avatar
  • Nickname inserted in Tsunami's "About" form


$10,00 /month

  • Patron group
  • Promotion to level 2
  • Patron badge
  • Promotion to level 3
  • Access to Tsunami alpha/beta versions
  • Special flair on the avatar
  • Nickname inserted in Tsunami's "About" form

To make donations of lower or higher amounts click on the button below, search for $ 1,00 donation and if necessary change the amount as you like.


The forum collects all the documentation and guides written over the years by the various team members and users themselves. It is divided into categories dealing with various arguments, not only related to the world of p2p. If you are looking for help to solve any problem, it is the first place where you will find assistance.

You can also open a new topic just to introduce yourself to the community, to make some laugh, to comment on a movie or TV series, to share a song that you liked and much more.

Discover all the categories and enjoy!


AdunanzA chat can be accessed either from the web or by downloading the app.
The app is available for Windows, for Mac and IOS, for Android, or by downloading Deb or Tar packages for Linux.
This is a non-exhaustive list of the main features:

  • Multiple textual and voice channels
  • Two bots for support and fun
  • Possibility to upload images and files up to 8 Mb
  • Both private and group voice calls
  • Both private and group video calls and many other features