AdunanzA is the oldest italian p2p project currently active.

It was officially born on the 1st of October 2002, with the precise aim of getting the most powerful P2P network. Thanks to this technology it is possible to distribute files to the masses with reduced costs, almost zero.
The magic that surrounds AdunanzA is just being able to create a p2p network starting from nothing, challenging all pre-existing p2p systems (eg. Winmx, DC++). Thanks to the superior technology (edonkey / emule) and to an affluent group of highly trusted users, the project has been able to radically improve the sharing of the Fastweb network, but not only, demonstrating that things can change, if we want to.
At present, the kAdu network has about 40,000 unique online users every day, revealing a p2p network in its own right, and a substantial portion of the entire world network ed2k.
The community around the project is very wide and its natural and ideal meeting place is the Forum (2,200 active access per day, 60,000 per month) and the Chat, where we are committed daily to both the support of new users, and to the development and proposals of new ideas and projects. Over time, Forums and Chat have also become a valuable place for exchanging news, opinions, and why not, have fun.

...the community...

AduTeam is currently composed of about 20 volunteers divided into several groups with different tasks. SupportTeam takes care of new users and produces documentation on the wiki (AduTeca), SysTeam is committed to maintaining all community services, Betateam and DesignTeam support DevTeam in developing and testing new projects. The community path is traced by the Administrators who also have the delicate and not always easy task of deciding priorities in terms of available resources. AdunanZA has gained the reputation of p2p high-performance network over the years thanks to the precious word of mouth and people's support. A funny anecdote as an example: years ago, for the April fools' day, the site launched the news that version 3.15 of eMule AdunanzA would be usable by all users, and not just those with Fastweb line. Within a few hours the news has bounced on the net and on a lot of blogs. For several months, people have come, falling into the joke, anxious to join the project.
Many people attribute the excellent performance of eMule AdunanzA to its constriction within the Fastweb network. This is a fake.
Making performance far superior to any other existing p2p network was the profound changes made to emule and the great generosity of most of the community of AdunanzA that has enthusiastically adopted the p2p sharing spirit.

...and the future

Despite the achievements, Hammon has never rest on our laurels. The first founder of the project and far-sighted guidance, has started to highlight the first p2p crunches in general since 2011. The advent of new technologies VDSL2 and IPv6 are making the old emule ever more obsolete, unable to withstand certain speeds and unable to talk with the new protocol of IPv6 addresses.
From these and other considerations born the idea, then transformed into a project, to radically change our trading platform and adopt a LibTorrent-based technology , with all the innovations we would like to have and the functionality of emule we would not want to abandon.
In these years of dedication, AduTeam has presented several projects to the community, among which many have never seen light because of the scarcity of resources to be employed to make them concrete. A new system of credits (Adunanza Credit System) could speed up the network strongly by rewarding peers that really contribute to the p2p ecosystem with their upload bandwidth, an enhanced search that can find material with new criteria for Date and Category (a draft appeared in older versions of emule adunanza) or a streaming system for most popular files, a tool to verify the existence of anti-p2p filters by ISPs, an anti-fake system based on new distributed rating algorithms. In short, ideas are not lacking, but often lack of time, funds and programmers have prevented these projects from being developed.
All this did not remove the optimism and the desire to work together.
AdunanzA is an open community and always willing to welcome anyone who wants to help us actively.
AdunanzA is not for profit and is not affiliated with any company or even any web provider.